Nigel Slater- Executive Producer

Nigel Slater has a way with words like no other. His relaxed almost effortless style on camera brings simplicity to the kitchen.  

I have been the Exec of all Nigel's BBC One series and worked with him for nearly a decade which has made us good friends as well as colleagues.

I am lucky to have enjoyed many fine meals at his home...its funny how I always manage to schedule our meetings just before lunch dont you think?  


Series include 'Simple Suppers' 'Dish of the Day'

'12 Tastes of Christmas' 'Eating Together'

Nigellissima-Executive Producer


Working with Nigella Lawson was a real career highlight.  I had been mesmerized by her luxurious series for years.

Being able to cook on camera requires amazing confidence,  talking on camera even more. Nigella appears to do both effortlessly and elegantly .  Her words bring flavours to life and instantly draw the viewer into her world.

Despite her world fame, she also one of the nicest, most generous and genuine presenters in television.  

I hope to work with her again one day.

Executive Producer - Food and Drink


When the BBC asked me to reinvent 'Food and Drink' after it being off our screens for a decade I was someone daunted.  I had grown up with the iconic brand and along with Rick Stein created my appetite for food on television.


I knew that the BBC wanted a modern feel to the show but also grounded in authenticity.  Who better then to present than Michel Roux Jnr.  A genius chef and essentially food royalty, Michel teamed up with Kate Goodman, a wine expert new to TV and a host of guests to bring great food and drink , culinary news and issues and generous helping of fun to BBCTwo.

Executive Producer - James Martin


This series really indulged my passion for both growing and cooking.  We have an amazing variety of terrain and climate in the UK and this absolutely effects what we grow and rear on the land.  By indulging James' love of flying we were able to get a true understanding of how the land on which we live shapes the food and flavours on our plates.  Stunning photography brought another dimension to this series and big respect for James flying a plane and talking to camera at the same time- thats a skill combo few chefs possess. 


'James Martin's Food Map of Britain'

Executive Producer - Lorraine Pascale


We used some new technology on this series to give it a really cool look.  Lorraine is really into music and we tapped into her playlist for a great soundtrack.

Executive Producer - Hairy Bikers


I've done a few series with Dave and Si and I love working with them.  They are such fun on and off screen and work so well together.  I love the way they have been genione mates for years- Television just can't invent a relationship like that- they have been through a lot together and it is a real strength.  I love the way their different personalities compliment each other and how they dont take life too seriously.

Executive Producer - Rachel Khoo


We had such a small team working on 'Rachel Khoos London Notebook' it really was like a small family.  Everyone really pulled together and Im really proud of the two series we made together.