Award Winning Author

Im so proud to have won the 'Best New Book' in the Guild of Food Writers' Awards. Writing the 'Allotment Cookbook' was such a delightful yet intensely personal thing to do. I really feel if someone reads the book they will know everything about me- that is scary but also reassuringly honest. To see the book win such a coveted award fills me with such strength. I have worked in the creative Industry for over 30 years and despite great successes in writing and TV theres always that creative nagging doubt 'Am I good enough?' or actually more likely 'Am I any Good at all?'.

I made my first film when I was 14 and I still get the same buzz now as when that super 8 film landed on my doormat as a child. The possibilities and excitement with youth are sadly often tempered by doubts, anxieties and insecurities as we get older- for me anyway. Getting an award from other writers is a humbling but truly magnificent experience.

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