Grape Jelly

I didnt do anything with the grape harvest last year, instead leaving them to the birds. This year I have decided to share them. At first I wasnt going to bother as the grapes were pretty sour but then a late flurry of sunshine seemed to transform the crop in a few weeks and once Freddie and Ted had munched through a few handfuls I had an opportunity to use the rest.

I seem to be getting into preserving a bit more recently- probably an age/mid-life crisis thing, so began the forray into grape jam. Its pretty straightforward really- pips skins and everything boiled i water....straied through a muslin and then pectin sugar to match the quantity of liquer. The resulting grape Jelly is a wonderful colour, full of flavour and now a family tradition. If doing it one year and planning to di it next can yet be classed under the tradition title.

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