Onions- not to be sniffed at

Onions are a bit taken for granted I think. There was a time in history when they were considered to be magical and even used as currency in ancient Egypt. Judging by this year large and varied crop Id be quite wealthy I reckon. We use mountains of onios every year but they are mostly the foundations of other dishes. Barely a stew , pie, curry or stir fry manages without some sort of allium. When i get a good crop I like to make the onion centre stage, so to avoid one long crying session I dust down the food processor and have an epic slice. The consequence is one very heartfelt big cry rather than a gentle weep all day. The other consequence is a few good pans of french onion soup, jarfulls of red onion jam, chutneys and a delicate white onion marmalade. Thereafter i am as rich as it is possible to imagine.

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